Feb, 2023   Start postdoc at Telecom Pairs.

Dec, 2022   Finish postdoc at Nantes Laboratory of Digital Sciences (LS2N).

Sep 6-9, 2022   Co-present paper “Differentiable Time-Frequency Scattering on GPU” at DAFx 2022.

May 19-20, 2022   Co-organise Kymatio’22 Workshop at LS2N, Nantes.

May, 2022   Paper “Joint Scattering for Automatic Chick Call Recognition” accepted to EUSIPCO 2022.

Apr, 2022   Paper “Differentiable Time-Frequency Scattering on GPU” accepted to DAFx 2022.

Feb, 2022   Journal paper “Adaptive Scattering Transforms for Playing Technique Recognition” accepted to TASLP.

Jan, 2022   Start postdoc at Nantes Laboratory of Digital Sciences (LS2N).

Nov, 2021   Finish PhD from Centre for Digital Music (C4DM).

May 8, 2020   Video presentation (Playing Technique Recognition by Joint Time-Frequency Scattering) at virtual ICASSP, session FR3.I: Audio, Speech and Music Analysis, 3:15-5:15pm (CEST).

Apr 30, 2020   The full CBFdataset is available for downloading: zenodo.org/record/5744336.

Nov 4-8, 2019   Oral-poster presentation (Adaptive Time-Frequency Scattering for Periodic Modulation Recognition in Music Signals) at ISMIR2019 Delft, Netherlands.

Oct 22, 2019   CBF-periDB is available for downloading: zenodo.org/record/3250223.

Sep 18-20, 2019   Research visit at the International Audio Laboratories (AudioLabs) Erlangen, Germany.

May 28-31, 2019   Oral presentation (HMM-based glissando detection for recordings of Chinese bamboo flute) at SMC2019 Malaga, Spain.

Dec 24-26, 2018   Invited talk (Computational Analysis of Chinese Bamboo Flute Playing Techniques) at 2018 International Forum for Young Scholars, Shanghai University, China.

Dec 18, 2018   Poster presentation (Characterisation of Glissando and Flutter-tongue Techniques) at DMRN+13, London, UK.

Nov 21, 2018   Poster presentation (Glissando detection) at Industry Day event, London, UK.

Sep 23-27, 2018   Poster presentation (Towards HMM-based glissando detection for recordings of Chinese bamboo flute) at ISMIR2018 Paris, France.